Our Fave Places for coffee (OK – or tea!)

Where’s good for coffee?? Well, it’s always a tough one to answer – there are so many great places!

But here are our Top 5 local places (order of preference varies with the mood – honestly, we love them all!)

1: Carewswood Garden Centre: Here you’ll be strolling through fragrant plants and beautifully laid out garden accessories and goodies. Then you’ll be literally led down a garden path towards a tastefully designed suntrap of an outdoor area where stone-baked pizza is freshly made and served – ooooh – that smell… divine…

Then inside you’ll discover more gorgeous goodies (including perhaps some greeting cards made by yours truly and friend Beata Dagiel) but the coffee and food are certainly the highlights. This place caters for all allergies and vegetarians and you’ll be served by lovely friendly staff. It’s a MUST during the Summer months, and even in the Winter it’s surprisingly cosy given the size of the place – can’t imagine the heating bill!!

2: The Trawl Door in Ballycotton: It’s smaller than the last place but an absolute treat if you like cosy old style tea and great cake as well as locally produced veg and artisan food goodies. The cakes are homemade by locals and we are both well and truly addicted. You gotta try the carrot cake – but every day there’s something different – follow them on Instagram to plan your (re)treat.

3: The Café at Stephen Pearce in Shanagarry: And it’s right across the road from us. Again it’s a small place with an adorable outdoor seating area that’s intimate but not squished. Their earl grey tea is great and again – the cakes!! A smaller range, including savoury and sweet pancakes and light bites, but all very good. And again, the staff and just lovely. Plus you can browse the pottery while you’re waiting for the tea to draw!

4: The Kilkenny Emporium – also within in short walking distance offers small and large meals from breakfast to late afternoon and the top things here are the outdoor seating live feed cameras for birdwatchers and that view. What a view. Plus it has the Kilkenny Design Centre of course for all your gift shopping needs!

5: The Blackbird in Ballycotton : Yes, it’s a pub, but they do a lovely coffee if you’re just not in the mood. It’s a very pleasant surprise to step into this place and find yourself with a choice of seating areas – some feel old and some feel new, but they all feel comfy and atmospheric! And – as I seem to be saying a lot here – the staff are just lovely!

6: Niamh’s Larder is a new packed picnic service and we have one word for you – NOMMMMM!! Check out her Facebook page to order. Especially good for vegetarians and she also caters for real coeliacs.

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