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Our photography is centred on Ballycotton Bay and surrounding areas. We are utterly passionate about the sea and we are very much involved in Clean Coasts Ballynamona, East Cork Biodiversity and The Sea and Land Trust.

So you’ll detect a certain theme in our cards and images… 😉

We print only 1 to 20 copies of each image so you can buy knowing that it’s not a mass produced item, it’s special.

We want to promote the beauty of the area but also the importance of its protection. In doing so, we hope, visitors to our shop and our area will feel inspired to enjoy and be responsible around litter, camping, and biodiversity awareness and protection.

There is a lot to love here – and all of it needs our collective care!

Small is Beautiful - mini trios!

Cute little ones - 3 for €90!
Small Trilogy Sets
Small Trilogy Sets
Small Trilogy Sets
Smaller Prints for Smaller Spaces
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Gift card
Gift card
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Our images are not expensive. It’s not that they don’t take a lot of work – they do!! And we’ve taken care to source plastic free materials and Irish made solid wood frames. We just want you to enjoy what we see as much as we do – we know not everyone is fortunate enough to live by the coast.

Keep an eye out every year for our charity calendar for Clean Coasts Ballynamona – you can order it here or buy locally in shops. And if you’re interested in sponsoring a month let us know! Scroll to see our last two: