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Thanks so much for taking a look at our little shop! Our photography is centred on Ballycotton Bay and surrounding areas. We are utterly passionate about the sea and we are heavily involved in Clean Coasts Ballynamona, East Cork Biodiversity and The Sea and Land Trust. So you’ll detect a certain theme in our cards and images… 😉

We are super proud to be members of Visual Artists Ireland!

Our images are not expensive. It’s not that they don’t take a lot of work – they do!! And we’ve taken care to source plastic free materials for our greeting cards and Irish made solid wood frames. We want you to enjoy what we see as much as we do – we know not everyone is fortunate enough to live by the coast.

We print only 1 to 20 copies of each image so you can buy knowing that it’s not a mass produced item, it’s special.

Keep an eye out for our charity calendar for Clean Coasts Ballynamona – you can order it here or buy locally in shops. And if you’re interested in sponsoring a month let us know! Scroll to the bottom to see our last two!

Full Moonrise at Ballycotton (no, honestly)

€1 000 000.00
From just €950000.00 if you're local for limited edition print!
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Photoshop looks really real sometimes

An unbelievably good and skilled shot of the full moon rising behind Ballycotton Island last night. We were SO thrilled that there wasn't a hidden band of cloud obscuring the moon that had an optical illusion of being clear dusky blue. We and all the other photographers there - amateur like us - and professionals alike, were all weak for ourselves when we saw this rare enough full size giant (and real) celestial body rising steadily from the sea, reminding us of the power and beauty of nature.

We hope you love this really good image of the moon - it's practically smiling down on us, which you will see if you zoom in, as if grateful that we went to all the trouble of coming to greet its majesty.

As it's a once off very limited edition, we're selling this at a slightly higher price of €1 million and only €950,000 if you want to collect it locally. We're sound that way!

And as you can see it's worth every cent.

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All framed print prices refer to 6″x8″ and 5″x 5″ , A4 and A3+ size prints in Irish Made white solid wood “box” frames. And finally, we have some panoramic prints for the spacious wide screen feel!

Why buy from us??

Great question!! Because our prints are framed in high-end (real wood and glass) box frames that are from an Irish company (teeeeny carbon footprint – yay!) so we were thrilled to find them!

PLUS all our photographs are our own, and are printed – by us – on professional Permajet Oyster 271 paper – a beautiful finish that is midway between matt and pearl – perfect for watery scenes. We print them ourselves so we have a super quick turnaround time for orders! You’ll fall in love – just as we have!

PLUS – we’re lovely… sound like.

Friends say so anyway…

In the meantime – if you’re stuck for time and just want a voucher for our images – NO PROBLEM!! Our giftcard is ready to purchase for €25, €50 or €100+ !